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Client Centred Learning a New Way of Teaching

I teach in an exciting new way that saves the pupil money by reducing the number of driving lessons it takes to learn to drive by preparing for the next lesson using my own complimentary driver tuition book (2018 New Driving Test), which is designed using the new initiative 'Client Centred Learning' and a free Highway Code book of their own.

This allows the pupil to prepare for their next driving lesson by reading about their lesson and assessing their own performance in their previous driving lesson. This saves time by not having to sit at the side of the road with the instructor having to explain the whole driving lesson aims and objectives.

Client Centred Learning
People learn faster when they taken responsibility for their own learning.

This ability is not something you can easily learn and you need to go forward in structured small easy steps.

Many driving instructors concentrate too much on telling their pupils what to do and what to think! This way of teaching only creates dependency, doubt and obedience.

This method of learning is slower and it may not develop safe driving;

· Self-reliance

· Confidence

· Responsibility

This is carried out by making you to think for yourself, to take ownership of your learning and with help and support when you feel you need it.

It is much easier to learn something new that includes similar methods or values to something we already understand.

Therefore, if you plan the way you undertake your learning, in small logical steps, you will learn much quicker.

Below are just a couple of examples from my complimentary Driving Tuition book and Official Highway Code.

book cockpit drill book clutch highway_code




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