Driving Lesson and Course Prices...

Please find below a list of the current prices I charge for driving lessons in Oakham, Melton Mowbray and Rutland area. For more information on special offers please contact me on the number supplied or by "clicking here".


Weekly 1 Hour Driving Lessons - £27

Each driving lesson is 60 minutes long. Please note if you live in an area where I may need to travel a long distance I may require you to book a 2 hour lesson.


Weekly 2 Hour Driving Lesson - £52 (saving you £2)!

Booking a 2 hour driving lesson will save you money and speed up your progress. Two hour lessons cost less and are far more productive because of the continuous unbroken time behind the wheel.


Weekly Block Booking of 10 Hourly Driving Lessons

Paid for in advance - £260 (save £10)

Depending on the distance to travel each lesson will be 1 hour or 2 hours.


Intensive Driving Course - £842 (30 x 1 Hourly Driving Lesson, including driving test fee of £62).

As the name suggests this is an intensive driving course, I only recommend this type of course for pupils who have driven before. I can also vary the intensity and price to suit the pupils needs and design a course which suits each pupils individual needs (please contact me for a quote).


Mature Driver Advice

If you are a mature driver and would like advice regarding your driving ability so that you can feel safe about your driving, please feel free to give me a call. I have a vast experience in helping mature drivers feel safe or improve their driving confidence on todays busy roads.

I have helped numerous mature driviers carry on driving for longer by giving them driving advice or helping them by adding extra mirrors to their cars for better awareness arroud their cars.

I will give you practical advice regarding your driving and also reinforce this with complimentary reading materials.

1 Hour Driving Session (in your own car) - £27


6 Hour Pass Plus Course £150 (Rutland residents can currently get half the cost paid for by Rutland Council) .

The pass plus course is designed by the DVSA in association with the Insurance and driving instruction industries for those people who have passed their test and is aimed at speeding up your driving experience.

There are 6 subjects covered these are motorway driving, dual carriageways, adverse weather conditions, country roads, night driving and busier town driving. As well as speeding up your experience you can also save a considerable amount on the cost of insurance with participating insurers.

Pass Plus is a road safety initiative aimed at improving the skills of newly licensed drivers. After pupils pass their test they can pay for further tuition from a registered Pass Plus instructor. Pupils reaching the required standard should then be entitled to a substantial discount on their motor insurance premium. Most of the large insurance companies participate in this discount scheme.

The course covers 6 modules: motorway, all weather, night driving, out of town, town (rush hour), and dual carriageway driving. The course will take a minimum of 6 hours to complete. It must be done within the first year of gaining your licence and has been proven to lower the risk of new drivers being involved in accidents. We recommend all newly qualified drivers take this course after passing their driving test.

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